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The SLCF online

Welcome to the Speech, language and Communication Framework (SLCF) developed by The Communication Trust.

Important notice of change to the SLCF website.

We are developing the SLCF to streamline its content and bring it in line with current policy and practice. We will be launching a new website in early 2017. To find out more click here.

Please be aware that you will not be able to register a new account from 29th November 2016 whilst we complete updates to the SLCF website. You will be able to register again when the new site is live in late January 2017.
We therefore encourage you to download the SLCF PDF if you wish to view the current competency framework and evaluate your skills in the meantime. To download the PDF version of the SLCF please click here.

Please be aware that these competencies will be changing slightly when the new website is launched in January.

What is the SLCF?

The SLCF lists all the skills and knowledge that everyone working with children need to know to support the communication development of all children and those with speech, language and communication needs (SLCN). For the purpose of this framework we group these skills and knowledge into competences.

Practitioners can use the SLCF to self evaluate their skills and knowledge in this area and once a stage has been completed it will highlight what training might be suitable for that person.

In addition whole settings can access the online assessment with a designated group number and collectively assess their developmental training needs in this area. Find out more.

The SLCF is divided into 4 stages: Universal, Enhanced, Specialist, and Extension. The stages range from Universal, which are the basic skills and knowledge that everyone working with children and young people should have, through to Extension, which details the specialised learning around speech, language and communication needs required by someone working or studying at a postgraduate level. Find out more about these terms used.

Find out more about how to complete the SLCF.

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